“I would like to say how very very grateful I am to the Ruby & Will George Trust for helping me.”

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“I am very grateful to the Ruby and Will George Trust for helping me in my time of need,”

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“The grant from the Ruby & Will George Trust helped fund my study to gain a qualification in Addiction Psychology and Counselling.”

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“The Ruby and Will George Trust’s generous donation has allowed me to study for a Masters degree in food policy.”

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“The grants enabled me to study opera at the Royal Northern College of Music…”

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“May is now 94 years old…”

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“Your generous donation allowed me to complete a three-year PhD in Forensic Facial Reconstruction, during which my life changed considerably.”

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“Training as an Art Therapist was something I had thought about for many years.”

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“Having gained a place at Cambridge University the Ruby and Will George Trust provided me a £3750 grant to help pursue my ambition.”

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“Without the help of the Ruby and Will George Trust I would be unable to pursue the opportunity given to me to study at the National Film and Television School.”

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“It has been my life long ambition to study medicine and become a doctor.”

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“Without the financial help of Ruby and Will it simply would not have been possible…”

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