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What is a Commerce Connection?

Put simply, it’s when you have a connection to buying or selling products or services that has resulted in an exchange of money.

A commerce connection can either come directly from you or it can come from one or more of the following:

  • Your Husband/Wife
  • Your Widow/Widower
  • Your Mother/Father
  • Your Grandmother/Grandfather
  • Your Aunt/Uncle

Please click here for some commerce connection examples.

Why do we ask for a commerce connection?

As Ruby and Will were both hard working people who ran a family business, they wanted to help people that could perhaps one day give back to the working world themselves. They believed strongly in helping people that wanted to get ahead in life but didn’t necessarily have the opportunity.

The connection to commerce was important to Ruby and Will because it showed a small trace of the same beliefs towards a hard working attitude.

So today, we continue their wishes by asking applicants for their commerce connection.

How can I prove my commerce connection?

All we need is: 1. A brief explanation of your commerce connection in the application form – either through yourself or through a family member from the list above. 2. A recent payslip or a letter from your employer.