Fi’s Story

As a single parent of four, the financial side of studying was always going to be difficult.

Had I not received some help, I wouldn’t have been able to enrol.

After a year long course, I recently graduated (November 2007) having achieved 69% for my dissertation – 1% off a distinction. Throughout my studies, I was working behind the bar at the Acorn Theatre in Penzance, where I have been employed for 8 years now, and I continue to do so.

I’m currently trying to write a book, as well as some poetry, and have recently had a feature article accepted for the May edition of a magazine called Cornwall Today. I’m trying to save up enough money to buy a laptop as I’m having to compete with all my kids for computer time, as they need to use it for school and college, but I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to take my writing seriously, and hopefully I’ll be able to make a living out of it sometime soon too.