Heather’s Story

I am very grateful to the Ruby and Will George Trust for helping me in my time of need,

and I really did feel in need at the time. As I explained to the trust to get help initially, Me and my partner were self-employed, and money was very very short. We were on Family tax credit at the time which would normally mean that I would be eligible to free education course funding. Unfortunately, colins wages was just over the threshold to be eligible for the funding by about £200.00. The tax credit is worked off the previous years wages – so even though our income was well lower for the year in which I was doing the education, they only went off the past years wages. Therefore, I couldn’t afford to pay for the course because of our low income for the year, but had to pay for the course or else I could’nt do it. This is when I asked for help and the Ruby and Will George Trust answered my prayer!! I was so happy to find out that they were contributing money for my course, but not just some of it, they paid the full amount for the course. I was so grateful.

It really has benefited my life – I completed the course which was the ‘National Certificate in Performing Arts’ – and completed it with flying colours – I gained top marks throughout of ‘Distinction’. I gained amazing amounts of confidence during and throughout the course, made firm friends with many people whom I continue to see now after 3 years of the course finishing. Lots of people have noticed the change in me for the better. I have also gained lots of work from completing the course – I managed to be accepted by an ‘Acting Agency’ and have been on their books for over 2 years now. They are ‘Industrypeople’ in Manchester. I have gained acting work through them with the likes of ‘Hollyoaks’ ‘A Touch of Frost’ ‘Blue Murder’ to name but a few. I was a motorbike double for an actress in the ‘Touch of Frost’ and enjoyed this so much!! I was also a receptionist with a speaking part in ‘Emmerdale’. Again I see and meet other people (some famous), new places, gain more acting experience and get paid at the same time, and again its all thanks to the help initially from Ruby & Will George Trust.