Our History

How we started

In 1933 Ruby and Will George created Celluware Supply Company, which later became internationally known as Pimpernel Ltd – a placemat manufacturer in the North East of England.

Ruby and Will made a success of Pimpernel by becoming the first company to add pictures to the face of placemats. Ruby and Will were both hard working people that believed in equality for all, removing the financial barriers to education and helping those in times of need.

At the time, Pimpernel was situated in a deprived area in the North East of England. Ruby and Will saw the daily struggle and hardship for many living in the North East and in response they wanted the long term financial benefits of their company to help those less fortunate than themselves.

So a Charitable Trust was established in 1966 to help the advancement of education and relief of poverty.

However the Trust only became truly active when Pimpernel was sold and funds were released into the Trust in 1992.