May’s Story

May is now 94 years old…

…and looks great for her age. We – Jean her daughter, and Ken (husband) – are reaching a fairly ripe old age ourselves and feel we can no longer look after Mum. So we approached Social Services about having Mum placed into the local care home in our village – some 800 yards distance. No they said, they had cheaper accommodation some 10 miles away.

So we approached two charities to help fund the shortfall of £90.00 per week. One was RAF Benevolent Fund (May’s husband served in the last war) and the other was The Ruby and Will George Trust. Between them they have funded all of the monies needed for at least one year.

Where would we be without such charities!

May will now be able to enjoy her remaining days in comfort, be with friends from our village, and take part in activities within and outside the home. None of this would have been possible without these two very caring charities!