Sophie’s Story

When I decided it was the right time to return to study

and begin a Master of Art in Painting, the fees at the Royal College of Art had just risen from £6000 to £9000 a year. My course was a two year course and I had far from what was needed to cover the fees, before I even took into consideration the cost of living in London. The Ruby and Will George Trust’s generous donation enabled me to reach my target of covering my first years fees so that I could start the course.

Before returning to study I had been practicing as an artist in Glasgow for 9 years and working part-time as an administrator. Any income I received from my art practice, immediately went into art materials and studio rent, so I had very little opportunity to save for study. I chose to pursue a Masters to develop my art practice, expose my work to a broader audience, make new connections and also to enable me to apply for teaching positions in art schools. I am indebted to the Trust for supporting this exciting new stage in my artistic career.